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The Stations of the Cross

Loren Mazza Cane Connors
2 x 7-inch Menlo Park mpk 7002, US
Edition of 800 copies
Released: 1996
Recorded: 1994
Loren Mazza Cane Connors, electric guitar

Track Listing
Side A

1. Jesus is Condemned to Death
2. Jesus Carries the Cross, The First Fall

Side B
1. Jesus Meets Mary
2. Simon Helps Carry the Cross, Veronica Wipes His Face, The Second Fall

Side C
1. Jesus Comforts the Women of Jerusalem
2. The Third Fall, Jesus is Stripped of His Garments, The Crucifixion

Side D
1. Jesus Dies
2. The Deposition
3. Entombment

Included in Night Through: Singles and Collected Works 1976-2004