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Solos, Duets Vol. 1

Robert Crotty and Loren Mazzacane
Cassette Daggett Records DTT-??, US
Edition of ??? copies
Released: 1982
Recorded: 1982
Loren Mazzacane, acoustic guitar; Robert Crotty, vocals, acoustic guitar
Cover art by Thomas Hanford
Name brackets indicate participation, not necessicarily authorship
Track Listing
1. Intro to Walkin' Blues (Crotty)
2. Blues Improvisation 1 (Crotty-Mazzacane)
3. Come Back Baby (Crotty)
4. Blues Improvisation 2 (Crotty-Mazzacane)
5. Blues Improvisation 3 (Crotty-Mazzacane)
6. I'm Going to See the King (Crotty-Mazzacane)
7. Blues Improvisation 4 (Crotty-Mazzacane)
8. TB Blues (Crotty)
9. Blues (Mazzacane)