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Sing The Children Over / Sand In My Shoe

Kath Bloom & Loren Connors
2xCD Chapter Music, CH63, Aus.
Reissued: July 2008
Recorded: 1982/1983
Kath Bloom, vocals and guitar; Loren Connors, guitar and vocals
Tom Hanford, guitar *
Track Listing

Disc One
Sing The Children Over (1982)
1. Last Fair Deal
2. The Breeze/My Baby Cries
3. Can't Nobody Hide
4. Nobody's Fault But Mine
5. All My Trials Here
6. It's So Hard To Come Home
7. I've Been Working On The Railroad
8. Moses
9. In The Garden
10. Light From The Lighthouse
11. There Was A Boy
12. Lullaby
13. I Was Wondering

Disc Two
Sand In My Shoe (1983)
1. We're On Our Way
2. Window
3. Give It Slow
4. Baby Now
5. You Make My Dreams Come True
6. My Stupid Little Heart
7. I'm As Good As I Want To Be
8. Sand In My Shoe
9. When You Smile
10. This River
11. Same Streets
12. Seems Like I'm Always Waiting For You
13. Since I Met You
14. I Just Have To Tell You * (recorded live at Gerde's Folk City, NYC, 1981)
15. Pretty Little Flowers * (recorded live at Gerde's Folk City, NYC, 1981)
16. Little Tree (from Pushin Up Daises 7")