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Round His Shoulders Gonna Be A Rainbow

Loren Mazzacane and Kath Bloom
LP Daggett Records DTT-12, US
Edition of aprox 200 copies
Released: 1982
Recorded: March 1, 1982 (Chapel Arts Center, New Have, Conn.) and March 27, 1982 (Dwight Chapel)
Loren Mazzacane, acoustic guitar, vocals; Kath Bloom, vocals, acoustic guitar; Paul Bloodgood, second voice *
Liner notes by William Ferris; Cover and insert art by Tom Hanford

Track Listing
Side A

1. Graveyard
2. It's So Hard
3. I've Been Listening All Day Long
4. Fall Again
5. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
6. Floating Bridge
7. Religion Is Something Within You
8. Come On In My Kitchen

Side B
1. Moses *
2. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
3. Broken Dream
4. Man It's A Long Long Lonesome Road
5. Give Me Jesus
6. What A Joke