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Restless Faithful Desperate

Kath Bloom and Loren Mazzacane
LP St. Joan St.J.2, US
Edition of aprox 200 copies
Released: 1984
Recorded: 1983
Kath Bloom, vocals, acoustic guitar; Loren Mazzacane, acoustic guitar; Robert Crotty, electric guitar *

Track Listing
Side A

1. Tall Grass
2. Hold On
3. When I See You
4. You Give Me Something
5. How We Live
6. When Your Dreams Come True
7. How It Rains

Side B
1. Look At Me *
2. Just Don't Tell Me That It's Good *
3. How It Rains
4. Wait For My Love
5. The Key
6. Out in the Woods
7. Then I Come Home

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