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Hoffman Estates

Loren Mazzacane-Connors & Alan Licht
LP/CD Drag City DC151, US
Released: November 17, 1998
Recorded: 1998
Loren Mazzacane-Connors, electric guitar; Alan Licht, electric guitar
with Jim O'Rourke, producer; Jeb Bishop, trombone; Darin Gray, acoustic, electric and table-top basses;
Kevin Drumm, table-top guitar; Chad Taylor, drums; Rob Mazurek, cornet; Ken Vandermark, saxophone;
Mike Colligan, winds; Rick Rizzo, guitar; Josh Abrams, bass.
Track Listing
1. Slowly, Slowly, Slowly
2. Block That Nixon
3. Sad At Times
4. Wisdom Day
5. Peace Scare
6. Turner's Murder
7. And Everyone 'Neath Their Vine and Fig Tree Shall Live in Peace and Unafraid