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Hanford, Bloom, Mazzacane

Tom Hanford, Kath Bloom, Loren Mazzacane
LP Daggett Records DTT-10, US
Edition of aprox 300 copies
Released: 1981
Recorded: 1981
Tom Hanford, vocals, acoustic guitar; Kath Bloom, vocals, acoustic guitar; Loren Mazzacane, acoustic guitar, voclas

Track Listing
Side A

1. Been Listening All Day Long
2. Down This Road
3. Goin Home
4. Fall Again
5. Held My Baby Last Night
6. Religion

Side B
1. Some Happy Day
2. Let Me Hold You For A While
3. Baby Let It Come Down On Me
4. Come To Me Now
5. Some These Days
6. Biggest Light of All