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Discography of Loren's New York City based BLACK LABEL started in 1993.

BLACK 1 Loren Mazzacane Hell's Kitchen Park CD 1993 August
Father Yod fyps09
Loren MazzaCane Adonais 7-inch Spring 1995
BLACK 3 Loren MazzaCane Connors 9th Avenue CD 1995 Summer
BLACK 4 Loren MazzaCane Connors with Suzanne Langille Crucible CD 1996 March
BLACK no # Haunted House Haunted House at Downtown Music Gallery CDR 2000
BLACK no # Loren Connors For NY 9/11/01 CDR September 2001
BLACK no # Loren Connors Airs 1992-2001 2xCDR March 2002