April 13 Jerry's On Front, Philadelphia, PA - with Alan Licht, Chris Forsyth and Lee Ranaldo
April 17 Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY - Duo with Alan Licht; Norman Westberg, Charnel Ground
May 25 Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA - Solo and duo with Clint Heidorn; premier of "Gestures," a film portrait of Connors by Vincent Guilbert.

photo by mark mahaney

Loren Connors has improvised and composed original guitar music for over four decades. His music embraces the aesthetics of blues, Irish airs, blues-based rock and other genres while letting go of rigid forms. Connors, who names abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko his most important influence, also works with pencil, toner, computer software and other techniques to create evocative prints that arise from the aesthetics of music.

Recent releases

  • The Departing of a Dream, Vol. VII LP with Daniel Carter, out May 3, 2019

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